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This is really awesome commentary(your last couple of posts). You are really hitting exactly what needs to be communicated.

On another note, I think Chiqui is the victim of the bad side of viral marketing. I don't know her or the book but the news seems to be popping up everywhere. The topic is hot, and unfortunately she seems to be an easy target.

I feel the need to read the book now. :)

Keep up the great work!



Very insightful and I agree that Spanish may not survive in the U.S. However, looking at Latin America and migration I think it will survive for a while. One more point, how about food? Cuisine seems to trascend language, isn't? Cuisine is definetely a characteristics for being Hispanic


My wife was raised in the US, although born in Mexico and not here till she was four. She has three siblings, all born in the US. While her parents remain predominantly Spanish-speaking, she and her siblings speak English when talking solely to each other. I wish our culture in the US (I'm about as anglo as you can get, btw) were friendlier to other languages, but that hostility is one of the ways that our culture tracks that of the UK and other English-speaking nations very closely and I don't think it will change. Latino immigrants are simply doing what immigrants have always done, be they German or Italian or Japanese or of whatever language or national group, and assimilating and becoming bilingual in the first generation and by the second generation primarily
English-speaking. Most of our immigrants' grandchildren will be resistant to other languages

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